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The Electric Power Engineering Education (EPEE) Forum of CIGRE

The first Workshop on Electric Power Engineering Education was held at the 1998 CIGRE Paris Session. Since then the EPEE Forum has arranged Workshops with Panel discussions at subsequent Paris Sessions. A considerable amount of important information has been provided by recognised long-standing CIGRE members at these events and NZNC members should check the Paris Sessions EPEE Forums on the International CIGRE website.

CIGRE publications and related knowledge and experience can be used to stimulate student interest in electrical power engineering. It is generally accepted that CIGRE provides the most appropriate forum for addressing the practical issues affecting all aspects of the electrical power  industry.

Input from local NZ CIGRE members familiar with Study Committee (SC) and Working Group (WG) topics can focus our University course content on the areas that need the most attention. CIGRE membership and ongoing contact with the New Zealand power industry will provide a visible career path with international linkages to stimulate postgraduate student interests.

Participation in CIGRE EPEE debates and forums will help to guide academic staff who will benefit from international peer interaction with like-minded power industry representatives. It is pleasing to note that New Zealand’s EPECentre success story was presented by Prof Pat Bodger at the 2006 Paris Session. New Zealand is recognised in CIGRE circles as having one of the most successful EPEE type programmes. Continuing involvement in CIGRE activities will ensure that Kiwi engineers keep up to date with the latest developments in our industry.

The Central Office in Paris will be mailing out 20 complimentary copies of Electra every year, one for each of 10 students at both Auckland and Canterbury Universities. This is just one example of how CIGRE is encouraging young engineers to maintain their interest in power engineering. They can then go on to share experience with like minded electrical engineers around the world.